Trail Etiquette

While enjoying our local trails it's good to be aware of trail etiquette while respecting other users and the trail environment. 

Here are some etiquette pointers when using off-road trails:

1. Mind your pets. Ensure dogs are allowed on the trail. Keep dogs on a short leash and pick up after them.


2. Stay right – pass left. When meeting oncoming hikers on the trail, continue on the right side, single-file, leaving half the trail space. Ensure children and pets remain on right side of trail. 

When passing a hiker from behind, call out with a friendly ‘hello’ to pass on their left side. Cyclists may ring their bell or call out “On your Left!” to warn they will be passing.


3. Standing still? Step aside.  Make room for oncoming hikers.


4. Respect private property and farmlands. Please do not trespass.


5. Stay on trail. Respect the environment and leave it as you found it. Keep dogs on-leash and on-trail to avoid cacti and spreading weed seeds.


6. Use waste receptacles or carry out your trash. Leave no trace on the trail.


7. Respect wildlife. Keep a safe distance. Don’t feed wildlife and keep your dog under control.


8. Right of way. Individual hiker, move to the side for larger groups.

- Downhill hikers yield to those going uphill.

- Cyclists yield to hikers.

- Hikers and cyclists yield to horse riders.

Know Before You Go
When choosing your trail destination, first find out what uses are allowed.  Dogs, mountain bikes, and horses are not allowed on all trails.

Here is a summary of allowable uses on the main trail systems:

Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park - Use Restrictions