Ribbons of Green trail articles in local newspaper

The Morning Star, Vernon's local newspaper, features a regular article by the Ribbons of Green Trails Society which explores the numerous walking, hiking, and cycling opportunities in the Greater Vernon area.

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BX Creek, July 30, 2016

Grey Canal, Bella Vista, August 17, 2016

Middleton Mountain, October 20, 2016

Swan Lake Nature Reserve, November 25, 2016

Kidston Road Trail, January 11, 2017

Okanagan Landing Trail, February 10, 2017

Longacre Trail, February 24, 2017

Trail Etiquette, July 12, 2017

Commonage Trail, July 2017

Grey Canal, Turtle Mountain, Nel's Leap, August 30, 2017

Palfrey Drive / Kalamalka Lake Park Loop, March 2018

A Year of Great Trail Progress in 2018, Dec 17, 2018

Kal Crystal Waters Trail, June 15, 2019

BX Ranch Trail, July 1, 2020

Grey Canal, Boss Creek Trails connection, August 3, 2020

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Kal Crystal Waters Trail addition, Aug 26, 2020

Ellison Provincial Park, Oct 4, 2020

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Ribbons of Green Trails Society donates to Okanagan Rail Trail

The Ribbons of Green Trails Society contributed $5,000 towards development of the Okanagan Rail Trail in 2016, and encouraged other Okanagan recreation users and groups to do the same (see Morning Star newspaper article).

Ribbons of Green Trails Society director Dave Smith (left) delivers $5,000 for Okanagan Rail Trail development to Debbie Clarke, rail trail ambassador, and Bob Fleming, Regional District North Okanagan chairperson.
Ribbons of Green Trails Society director Dave Smith (left)delivers $5,000 for Okanagan Rail Trail development to Debbie Clarke, rail trail ambassador,and Bob Fleming, Regional District North Okanagan chairperson

Interpretive Signs at summit of Middleton Mountain

Three interpretive signs have been installed at the summit of Middleton Mountain in the Farnsworth Nature Reserve. Signage explaining the Geology, Animals and Plants of Middleton Mountain are dispersed along the hiking trails. Panoramic photos point out the local geographic highlights that are viewable from the signs.

Interpretive Sign

Test your knowledge while hiking! Click on the link below to download a scavenger hunt using facts from the interpretive signs:

Scavenger Hunt Middleton Mountain

Download a brochure with trails, parks information, parking and maps by clicking on the link below:

Middleton Mountain Trails & Park brochure

Farnsworth Nature Reserve and Middleton Mountain trails Grand Opening Event

In celebration of International Trails Day on June 6, 2015, the Regional District in partnership with the Ribbons of Green Trail Society hosted a successful grand opening for the Farnsworth Nature Reserve and Middleton Mountain trails.

Enthusiastic hikers climbed the Middleton Mountain summit to experience the nature reserve and trails and to marvel at the 360 degree views encompassing Kalamalka Lake, Coldstream Valley, Vernon Hill, Swan Lake, City of Vernon, Turtle Mountain and the Commonage. Several new interpretive signs which describe the geology, wildlife, plants and surrounding landmarks are located along the loop trails.

Four generations of the Farnsworth family trekked to the summit to attend the celebration. Roy Farnsworth shared his family’s experiences of living and working on the land.

Farnsworth Family

Farnsworth Family

Dignitaries Councillor Juliette Cunningham, District of Coldstream Mayor Jim Garlick and RDNO Director thanked the Farnsworth family for their stewardship of the land and their foresight to preserve the area.

For a brochure of Middleton Mountain trails, parks information, maps, and parking; click on the link below:

Middleton Mountain Trails & Park brochure

Nel's Leap Trail grand opening

A new hiking trail was officially opened on June 7, 2014, which marks the historic spot where Nels Nelson, internationally renowned ski jumper, took his leap in 1929. The trail head is next to Venture Training at the top of 43rd Avenue and Alexis Park Drive.

This steep trail connects Alexis Park Drive to the Turtle Mountain portion of the Grey Canal trail, creating a loop for hikers. Several interpretive signs are located along the path and a bird's eye view of Vernon is achieved at the summit of the trail.

Ken Beall, Kal Rotarian and Ribbons of Green Trails society director, was instrumental in planning and creating this trail.

Nel's Leap Trail grand opening
Mary Jackson (Kal Rotary) and Mayor Robert Sawatzky officially open the trail
Ken Beall at Nel's Leap trail summit

Trail Builders Award 2011

This year's Ribbons of Green Trails Society Trail Builders Award goes to a deserving high school student, Jennifer Borchert.

Jennifer came up with a plan for a walking trail along Vernon Creek behind Fulton School as part of her Global Education project. The 745 foot long trail from Fulton Bridge to the boardwalk on the wetlands behind the school includes a community garden and a picnic table. Jennifer started the project with Guillermo Lopez, an international student who has since returned to Spain.

Mayor Robert Sawatzky and Ribbons of Green Trails Society President, Dave Smith made the formal presentation on February 1, 2012.

Dave Smith ROGTS president, Jennifer Borchert, Mayor Robert Sawatzky
Dave Smith (Ribbons of Green Trails Society President), Jennifer Borchert,Mayor Robert Sawatzky

Trail Building Working Bee

On September 12, 2010 the Ribbons of Green Trails Society hosted a Trail Construction Working Bee. Despite the dreary weather, over 40 volunteers of all ages, sizes, genders participated and completed a beautiful trail in 1 1/2 hours!

The enthusiastic group included members from the Boy Scouts, Outdoor Club, Naturalist Club, Allan Brooks Nature Centre, local residents, Kal High School students, Kim Creed (whose family originally owned the land), and District Coldstream Councillor Maria Besso-Ockert and her husband.

The event began with a lesson by Kim Young, an experienced trail builder, on how to properly construct the trail. Once the trail was complete, volunteers enjoyed baked treats and drinks. Most of the volunteers were eager to continue constructing further sections of the trail.

Since its completion, the trail has been well used, and has drained well with the recent rains. Judging by the variety of tracks, even the deer have been enjoying it.

The new trail is a component of the Middleton Mountain Circle Trail which connects the east end of Creed Loop with Middleton Way.

When completed, the Middleton Mountain Circle Trail will begin at Kal Beach Parking lot and follow east above the railway track along the Kal Beach Connector Trail, Creed Loop, climb up to Middleton Way and pass through the newly completed Middleton Mountain Park, ascend the water reservoir road and work its way to the summit. From the summit the trail will descend the west side of the mountain on the recently constructed stairs and trail that cross Mt Ida Drive and continue into McKergow Meadows. The trail will eventually resume across Middleton Way and connect with Husband Road returning back to the Kal Beach Parking Lot.