Trail Difficulty

Trail Difficulty

Trail Rating Descriptions

EASY: flat trail, little or no change in elevation, suitable for anyone who enjoys walking.

MODERATE: trail has slight elevation gain, may have some short steep sections and uneven surfaces.

DIFFICULT: trail has major elevation gain, uneven surface, challenging for an unconditioned person. Will involve steady and often steep incline.

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Vernon Area Trails

1. Okanagan Rail Trail, 42.5 km

2. Swan Lake Nature Reserve, 1.8 km loop

3. BX Creek Delta Trail, 1.4 km

4. Cools Pond Park Trail, 0.23 km

5. BX Ranch Trail, (moderate climb at north end from BX Road), 2.25 km

8. Polson Greenway Multi-Use Path, paved, 1.7 km

9. Polson Park Trails

10. Okanagan Landing Multi-Use Path, paved, 5.5 km

12. Canoe Beach Trail, 0.43 km

13. Marshall Fields Trails

14. Longacre Trail, paved, 1.7 km

15. Greater Vernon Athletics Park Track and Trail

16. Kalamalka Lake Road Multi-Use Path, paved, 2.5 km

17. Middleton Mt Park, 0.5 km

19. Coldstream Creek Road Multi-Use Path, paved, 3.5 km

20. Kidston Road Multi-Use Path, paved, 1.0 km

Grey Canal Trails

1. Swan Lake East (Rugg Rd to McLennan Rd), 1.3 km

6. East Vernon (Hartnell Rd to DeRoo Rd), 1.4 km

7. Turtle Mountain, West of Turtle Mountain Blvd parking lot, 0.4 km

11. Bella Vista, 3.5 km

18. Coldstream Valley Estates South, 1.9 km

Predator Ridge Trails

21. Birdie Lake Loop, 1 km

22. Ridge Trail, 3.5 km

Lake Country Trail

23. Pelmewash Lake Country Multi-Use Path, paved, 6.0 km


Vernon Area Trails

3. Rocky Ridge Park Trail, 0.4 km

4. Commonage Trail, steep climb at west end from Okanagan Ave, 2.4 km

5. Carlson Park Trails, Plantation Forest, Bench Row Road

6. Jack Schratter Way, paved with steady climb, 2.7 km

7. Kal-Crystal Waters Trail has a variety of trail levels

8. McKergow Meadows: Middleton Mt, steep climb from Middleton Way, 1.0 km

9. Kal Beach Connector: Middleton Mt, 0.8 km

10. Creed Loop: Middleton Mt, 0.7 km

11. Powerline Trail: Middleton Mt, 1.0 km

12. Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park has a variety of travel levels

13. Kekuli Bay Provincial Park has a variety of trail levels

14. Ellison Provincial Park has a variety of trail levels

Grey Canal Trails

1. Foothills Loop Trail, 2.5 km

2. Foothills connection to BX Falls, 0.8 km

Predator Ridge Trails

15. Sparkling Loop, 1.2 km

16. Deer Trail, 0.8 km

17. Bobcat Trail, 0.9 km

18. Falcon Point Trail, 1.4 km


Vernon Area Trails

2. BX Creek and Falls Trail, 3.7 km

4. Nels Leap Trail, 0.4 km

5. Becker Park Trails

8. Farnsworth Nature Reserve Trails: Middleton Mt (steep access but moderate trails at summit)

9. Middleton Mt Circle Trail, 6 km

10. Middleton Way to Husband Road, 0.4 km

11. Neumann connector: Middleton Mt, 0.4 km

12. Whisper Ridge Trails, Lavington, 2.4 km

Grey Canal Trails

1. Swan Lake East (Baker Hogg Rd to McLennan Rd), 3 km

3. East Vernon (Star Rd to Maddock Rd), 1.5 km

6. Boss Creek Trails

7. Coldstream Valley Estates North, 1.3 km

Predator Ridge Trails

13. Okanagan Lake Lookout Loop, 3.18 km

14. Granite Trail, 4.1 km

15. Ellison Connector Trail, 2.5 km

16. Longspoon Loop, 1.7 km