The Ribbons of Green Trails Society of Vernon, British Columbia, Canada is a non-profit, trail advocacy group dedicated to the promotion and construction of walking, hiking and cycling trails, both on and off-road within the Greater Vernon region.


The purposes of the Ribbons of Green Trails Society are to advocate for a network of public non-motorized trails within the Greater Vernon area and to encourage connectivity with trails in neighbouring communities.



The mission of the Ribbons of Green Trails Society includes, but is not limited to:


    advocating for municipal governments and other organizations for the construction of non-motorized trails in Greater Vernon

    encouraging trail connectivity within Greater Vernon and with those in neighbouring communities

    supporting best practices for trail design, construction, use, signage and maintenance

    supporting trails and pathways used for both recreation and transportation wherever feasible

    working collaboratively with and supporting community partner organizations with similar purposes

    promoting community trail stewardship

    building relationships with trail groups in neighbouring communities

    informing and educating the public

    adapting for changes in climate, transportation methods and lifestyles

    assisting with natural, cultural and historical interpretation efforts on the trails

Who is the Ribbons of Green Trails Society?

The Ribbons of Green Trails Society currently consists of 10 directors who meet once a month to advance trail development and ensure maintenance.

City of Vernon staff and Council Members, District of Coldstream staff, and  Regional District of North Okanagan Parks staff are also in attendance at the monthly meetings.